Playing for Soprano Hope Lavelle at the Courtney Kenny Awards


Courtney Kenny Awards 2017

2nd Place for soprano Hope Lavelle accompanied by Ieva Dubova in Courtney Kenny Awards

This Spring It was my pleasure to play together with a dear friend and a fantastic soprano Hope Lavelle at the Courtney Kenny Awards.The repertoire of English was centered around American Exceptionalism mixed with Poems and songs.  It was an amazing experience. I guess working with friends is great because it feels so natural and relaxed. 

Also with great pleasure, i can say, that amongst the 5 finalists Hope won the 2nd place in the awards and that was clearly the cherry on the top to the collaborative experience.  

The repertoire we performed was as follows:

An exploration of 20th Century American existentialism

I’m a person too -  Bernstein Bernstein

I, too -  Hughes

See how they love me -  Moss Rorem

Next to of course God America   - e.e.cummings

Howl (extract)  - Ginsberg

Sure on this shining night -  Agee Barber

There will come soft rains  - Teasdale

Serenity -  Greenleaf Whittier Ives

Life’s tragedy -  Laurence Dunbar

Simple gifts -  Brackett Copland

The final of the Courtney Kenny Award 2017 took place at Tonbridge School on Sunday, March 12th and the expectant audience was treated to some fine performances from the five finalists.