‘My piano is myself, my speech and my life... It was there that all my wishes, all my dreams and all my sorrows lay.’
Franz Liszt

Ieva's Story

Ieva Dubova is a Latvian-born classical pianist currently living and studying in London



Before all the big names I could put here I will be honest- my first influence is my grandmother - Zaiga Dubova.
She was a classical pianist and a teacher.
I grew up with her and she taught me all about music, art and literature and all other influences I have, I have only gotten to know because of her.



My story begins in Cesis, Latvia.
As a child I loved nature and stories, loads of stories. I had an immediate love for piano since I can remember myself. It was my escape and best friend. My story telling partner. I used to plan to run away with my cat and my piano and live in the woods. I was 6 at the time, it might have not been the brightest idea I ever had.